The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen

"Books can be possessive, can't they? You're walking around in a bookstore and a certain one will jump out at you, like it had moved there on its own, just to get your attention. sometimes what's inside will change your life, but sometimes you don't even have to read it. Sometimes it's a comfort just to have a book around." -Zelda, The Sugar Queen

Josey has never left home. Never left her mother- not even for a day. She runs her mother's errands, drives her mother to her meetings, dresses and speaks as her mother wants her to. She hides a secret love for all things sweet- delicious, sugary treats that take her away from her life when she pops them in her mouth. Her whole life has been spent barely living at all until one evening a strange woman crawls in through her bedroom window....and moves into Josey's closet and refuses to leave. Della Lee has been living, a bit too much in fact and the lessons she's had to learn the hard way push Josey to start living her own life before there's nothing left. Through Della Lee's not so subtle interventions, Josey finds a friend, a love and someone she never knew existed- Josey.

A perfect, simple, predictable little love story- a love story that is magical, not a magical story about love. I was hungry the entire time I was reading. Hungry for toasted bread and feeling rather whimsical about the mail.

Definitely a book for book lovers. Probably everyone who reads this blog understands that when you walk into a bookstore, certain books just have to be touched. You have to have your hands on them, own them, read them, love them.

When this book was finished, I had to kiss the cover.

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Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings May 21, 2009 at 1:22 AM  

You've made this book sound wonderful! I'm going to go and add it to my wish list!

This Miss Loves to Read May 17, 2010 at 6:38 AM  

I agree with you. This is a wonderful book! It feels good to have some sweets with you while reading it.;) I did not kiss the cover, but I petted it afterwards, haha.

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