Moon Called by Patricia Briggs

Though this book contains the elements that are currently essential to get me to read it, (Vampires and er...vampires) I really can't lump it in with the other crap I've been reading simply because it was really good.

And oh I mean realllllly good. First, I like how the story just started- No set up, no explanation, you’re just in it. Then a few pages in a little voice within me screamed "IT'S ABOUT FUCKING TIME!" Finally a strong female character I can be proud to know. It's been awhile since I've met one. Don't get me wrong, I've liked some of my new fictional chick friends but they've all had one really annoying thing in common- they all needed rescuing. I like that Mercy, even at the height of adversity is not helpless. She can always hold her own. Sure, someone may show up to “help” but I never felt like she was being rescued. It’s a nice change from some of the whiny saps I’ve been reading who need to be saved. In fact, it was usually Mercy coming to the rescue. She's a tough hot chick who kills people (um...sorta) who should really be too strong for her to kill.

And she's into vehicular maintenance- something I've sworn to never understand but can respect her for.

This book has a little bit of everything- werewolves, vampires and fae with a side order of humans. But it's not about vampires! Go me! As an animal lover I might find that I’m far more interested in werewolves than vampires. You can take them places and not have to worry about them randomly latching on to your jugular.

I went ahead and picked up the rest of the series. Briggs was a nice find. Her superb writing makes it ok that I'm enjoying urban fantasy and I don’t have to be ashamed of liking her. It’s entirely justified.

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