I'm suppose to post something today

I'm suppose to post something everday or I'll have to answer to Jillian, but even with the stack of books sitting beside me screaming "TALK ABOUT ME!" I really don't have anything to say.

We could talk about the book I started reading today. It's called Chemistry: The Central Science and it's about boredom and contains math. Now I do not speak math, and I say this with pride because really, who the hell cares what x equals? I'm also taking statistics, which is also about...math. That's two of the most boring books on the face of the earth right there. I'm submitting myself to this ridiculous torture because some part of me feels I need to further my nursing degree.

So I read about thirty pages of this equals this over this cubed divided by horse shit and now I've called it a night.

But I still have to post something. So I wrote you some academic hiaku:

i hate chemistry
it doth sucketh major balls
but i don't burn books

the only good thing
about this chemistry class
is blowing shit up

i do not speak math
because i possess a soul
math makes bunnies cry

if i leave my books
on the dining room table
ra might puke on them

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