Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer


I have been betrayed.

First, a confession: I started reading the Twilight series (don’t you judge me!).

Now in my not-easily-admitted-to almost thirty-one years, I have read lots of books. Lots. I’ve been involved in the lives of countless characters. I am that obsessive person that when the story ends, I look around me in surprise, shock and sadness at finding myself in MY world, wondering where to go now, what to do next.

There ARE better books. There ARE better stories. There are, oh there are. But to date, not a single book has made me feel what the Twilight Saga has made me feel. I read the first three books in three days and walked around in a Twilight induced stupor.

The story of Bella and Edward is complete in and of itself. That’s what makes it. The intensity, the finality of their bond. The point was (for three books at least) was that all Bella and Edward had to have was each other to exist and nothing else.

Where were MY Bella and Edward in this book? Why is the focus on some sci-fi demon spawn or for that matter, ANYTHING but Bella and Edward? Why is half the story told through Jacob’s eyes? Don’t get me wrong, Jacob’s story is heart wrenching but at this point the author is just beating a dead horse. So my beautiful awkward Bella and my rational, controlled Edward are gone! Bella has “sex” (I know it’s Teen fiction but come on REALLY, you might have at least had them TOUCH) with Edward and is instantly pregnant with sci-fi baby.

So for three books I’ve followed this love story. For three books I have been engrossed and spying on a bond that because of its intensity cannot possibly exist outside the confines of a book. When not reading Twilight, I thought about Twilight. I thought about Bella and Edward and what their story made me feel. Three days of my heart squeezing at the thought of this story and then……you throw this sci-fi, young adult, badly written BULLSHIT at me! I swear it was worse than watching movies with the Mystery Science Theater 3000 guys.

So here we have three books of the GREATEST love story. You can laugh if you want but the buck stops here for eternal love. This is as good as it gets guys. Three books of agony- agony that we live in a world where THIS cannot happen. It is painful to read the first three books, wonderfully painful. Then you open Breaking Dawn. It is here that the two will be united. Here where it will be proven that there is nothing for them beyond each other. It will be final, and they will have forever. We will be crushed because the story is over and we silly little readers have to go about our mundane little lives- but no.

Bella and Edward’s love is gone. Bella is a cutesy knocked up teenager playing with a baby doll that drinks blood. Edward is a weak little whiney WUSS BOY (Mmhmm yes she did) who asks a werewolf to go do his wife. Alice has “headaches”. Jacob imprints with an infant (I was picturing the alien baby that was delivered in the back seat of the car in the first Men in Black movie and admit it, so were you). Charlie watches football with Emmett, surrounded by his daughter’s new vampire family, his new vampire daughter, her sci-fi demon child (Renesmee Carlie- might as well named her Bryttney Krystyna or my personal favorite- Tiki Lou Federline) and a werewolf. The Department of Vampire Security shows up with papers signed in triplicate, prepared to dispense out some good ol’ vampire justice, discover they are wrong and are scared off by Bella’s new x-menesque powers. Then oh yeah, somewhere in all that Bella got turned into a vampire. Joy. There you go guys, here’s your forever- the moment that cements you together for eternity, hurray, now let’s go eat an elk. Bella is all beautiful and powerful and Edward is star struck and they “do it”, teen fiction style for a long time. There is NO emotion. None. That heart squeezing pain and intensity of their love? Remember that? Now they move into a cottage in the woods with their demon child and next you are going to tell me that they were joined by seven dwarves and birds and mice that clean and cook.

I am so angry. So very angry. My story is gone, and not gone in the sad oh-the-story-is-over kind of way that I expected, but gone as in the author just totally forgot to write it. I guess she thought that by doing all this happy fairy tale bullshit she would tie up loose ends and sum it all up. No, she just gave up. She traded Bella and Edward (which IS THE STORY) for shock value and now I will never know what happened to MY Bella and Edward. The characters that she wrote in this book were not the ones I lived with for three books. They were pitiful, simplistic, sappy strangers who if introduced to me in the first Twilight book- would have saved me a lot of heart break…..and money.

Shame on you Stephenie Meyer. You hurt your fans, but more importantly you killed your story. It deserved better than that. It was perfection and you broke it. Shame, shame, shame on you.

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Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings May 29, 2009 at 12:57 AM  

I had the Twilight stupor as well, so did my BF and my daughter who's 23 tomorrow. It was so hard to find anything to read after that! But it took me into the world of paranormal romance and urban fantasy which I know love and I've also discovered a whole world of yound adult fiction out there that I totally love.

Don't yell at me but I loved the way Bella and Edward's story ended, yes I agree that reading Jacob's perspective was annoying but I still loved it and the honeymoon, the baby growing that fast was stupid but I loved the rest of it.

pirate penguin July 6, 2009 at 7:46 PM  

I love you for writing this, I really do.

I can't even read Breaking Dawn because I know everything that happens. I just can't believe they have their own little demon spawn. And then Jacob imprints on it. That's just effed up.

This Miss Loves to Read May 17, 2010 at 7:04 AM  

This novel disappointed me too. It's a bad conclusion to the saga. If you ask me, and that's simply my personal opinion, the saga should have ended with New Moon, or Meyer should have deleted Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, and write a completely new book to end the saga.

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