A Confession.

Dear Literary Gods,

I have been a horrible reader. It has been almost one year since I read a decent book (thinking it was One Big Damn Puzzler sometime last summer). I am guilty of reading crap romance fiction of the knights and their ladies variety (think Lynn Kurland and Claire Delacroix) and have even taken to trading out crap romance novel for crap romance novel at a local paperback swap book shop. Picking them up ten at a time is not uncommon for me and I've even taken to reading them in secret, when no one is looking- such is my shame.

Recently my downward literary spiral has been in even further decline due to the Twilight saga. I am more ashamed of this than I ever was of my "Oh ye gods, thou art the fairest maid" phase because there was at least, let's admit, good sex. Now I hunger for young adult vampire fiction. I have taken to buying books at Walmart in an effort to hide my addiction from adult readers who would never dare enter that section of the bookstore. There is no excuse for my behavior.

I harbor hatred and blame in my heart, dear Literay Gods, for Stephenie (Twat) Meyer and her butchering of Breaking Dawn. I uphold that had she completed the story and given me a well rounded ending I could have gone on with my life and chosen books from the ADULT fiction section. Only now I'm reading teenage vampire romance Twilight knock offs in a fruitless attempt to recapture the Twilight induced "OH MY GOD I CAN'T PUT DOWN THIS BOOK. I LOVE YOU EDWARD!" insensibility.

I further admit that I have plans in the near future (like in about half an hour) to enter Target and purchase the P.C.Cast House of Night series and completely ignore the fact that Atonement and Love in the Time of Cholera are sitting on my "To Read" bookshelf.

Also, I blame the end of my career as a student. For two years straight I've busted my ass and pretty much done nothing but study. Now that it's over I just really don't know what to do with my spare time. There's the whole rest of my life and being a nurse thing but, well if you've been (or know someone who's been) to nursing school you can appreciate the dramatic effect that nursing school has on your life.

So yeah, really I'm just bored.

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Dave April 27, 2009 at 12:56 PM  

I'm glad that you've recognized the vampire-lit addiction; now you can start to fight it. Ask yourself: What Would Jane Do?
Maybe you simply need to re-read Pride & Prejudice in the reading room of a beautiful city or university library to clear your mind.
p.s. Welcome to Book Blogs; hope you enjoy the site.

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