Dear Final Episode of Season 2 and the entire season 3 of BBC's Robin Hood

WARNING: This rant contains spoilers. If you haven't finished watching the series or you plan to watch the series, don't read this.

I just finished the BBC's television series Robin Hood on Netflix. I started watching it with the soul purpose of furthering my Richard Armitage education by seeing him half naked in Season 2 (for which I am very thankful). Let's take a moment to fantasize about him appreciate his fine acting skills.

Season 1 and I fell instantly in love. It was action packed, suspenseful, funny, the music was great and the fight scenes were hell yeah. I adored the little actor, Jonas Armstrong, who played Robin. His was a very different portrayal of Robin Hood than the brooding bore played by other actors. And he's just so adorable:

Anyway, the plot was pretty basic. Each episode the Sheriff of Nottingham and Sir Guy of Gisborne (Richard Armitage) would do something awful to the poor people and Robin and his crew would show up to try to save the day. It would then progress to either Robin or one of his men getting caught, put in the dungeon, escaping or being rescued with Robin Hood performing impossible feats to bring it all about. Everyone would get food, the Sheriff's latest scheme would fail and he'd throw a fit. Guy would brood and Maid Marian would deny her love for Robin. Simple, but good stuff. I think one of its big selling points for me was that it was just so funny- something very unexpected.

So we went on like this for the first season, and continued with more of the same in season 2 and I was hooked. So, we get to the end of season 2, and Robin and his crew, get this, go off to the Holy Land to save King Richard from the Sheriff and Guy who have come all that way to kill him. I know, I know. It was just an excuse to burn a different set of scenery since they'd already burned all of England. The Sheriff and Guy have dragged Marian along because she's been so mischievous, she tried to kill the sheriff, Guy lurves her and they know it will annoy Robin Hood. ANYWAY, big fight scene, King Richard gets shot with an arrow, Guy moves in to finish him off, Marian intervenes, tells Guy she never loved him, (even though he got half naked and I don't believe for one sec that she'd pick skinny Robin over The Armitage), he goes all if-I-can't-have-you-no-one-can and kills her. He KILLS HER. So we end the second season with there now being NO POSSIBILITY of a happy, fairytale ending and we've still got an entire season left to go. Fail.

At this point, I have no desire to watch Season 3. You killed off Marian. Robin Hood and Maid Marian. That's TWO THINGS THAT GO TOGETHER. Not Robin Hood and Ursula the Sea Witch. Not Robin Hood and Juliet. Not Robin Hood and Some Random Person Named Kate That They Throw In To Finish Out The Show. ROBIN HOOD AND MARIAN. Damn you.

But I watch the first episode of season 3 anyway. I've invested this much and up until the final episode of season 2, I was totally in love with the show. And the episode sucked, but I watched the next one, and it sucked. So what to do now? I'm mildly interested to see how the series ends, but no longer entertained enough to watch another I skipped to the end and watched the two part series finale.


GUY AND ROBIN WOULD NEVER BE FRIENDS. WTF!? I'll admit that back in season one I was secretly hoping that Guy would turn out to be good. I even held on to this hope for a while in season two but WHEN THE BAD GUY KILLS YOUR WIFE, YOU DO NOT BECOME FRIENDS. Ah the wonders of television. So, final episode, storm the castle, kill the sheriff, fight to the death, Guy dies, more bullshit, bullshit, bullshit and then they kill off Robin Hood. I started tearing up when he and Marian (as ghosts) saw each other again, but then they cut to a scene actually showing Robin DIE which killed any good feeling that was left and I threw the remote.

So there it is.

Why? Well, I guess it all had to happen because you could only rewrite and replay the same scenario for so many episodes, the story got old and actors moved on. Jonas Armstrong (Robin) left the show (by dying) which pretty much nipped it in the bud right there. I still maintain that he left because he was rapidly going bald and the makeup department was having a time keeping his messy hair spray painted on. Dear heart, you would have looked just as adorable with a shaved head and we might have been able to continue on. Ah vanity.

All in all, I'm glad I watched it. It was fun while it lasted and well, Armitage. I'll say though, my favorite character was the Sheriff of Nottingham, hands down. He was such a gooooood bad guy. He was evil for the sake of being evil, unapologetic, single minded, crazy and cruel. If you're gonna be the bad guy, be good at it. I hate when the bad guy unbelievably and uncharacteristically changes tunes midway and turns good. Don't screw with a good character just for some ridiculous idea that everyone has to see the light and do something redeeming- which they didn't and get points for that.

Now what the hell do I watch?

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