Plum Lucky by Janet Evanovich

The first line of any Janet Evanovich novel should read "For a good time call..."

Formulaic yes, predictable no. Evanovich never fails to deliver a full spectrum of laughter from giggles to I-might-have-just-peed-my-pants roaring hilarity.

In addition to the normal once-a-year Plum novels, every now and then Miz Janet throws in a Between the Numbers short holiday story. Some how I completely missed Plum Lucky and just happened to stumble upon it in a bargain bin. I freakin' love bargain bin finds. It's like Christmas and birthday all rolled into one.

In this little ditty Stephanie and co, with the help of the elusive Diesel are hot on the trail of a wanna-be leprechaun. When Grandma Mazur makes off with his "pot of gold" i.e. duffel bag full of cash, and heads to Atlantic City, Stephanie has to add grandma to her list of skips or face her mother.

All your favorites make an appearance and of course something blows up.

In other Plum news, someone told me that Katherine Heigl has been cast as Stephanie Plum. I just threw up a little in my mouth. 4 stars for the book, one for whoever made that crap call.

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IceJewel February 15, 2010 at 2:41 AM  

I like Janet Evanovich very much.I always have a smile on my face whenever I read her books :)

Will check out this one in my local library !
Thanks for the review :)

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