Well hello there, 2012...

You're a sneaky little thing aren't you, New Year? December was an outrageously busy month for me and mine and it's a bit surreal waking up this morning to find that it's time to get crackin' on 2012. But it's here and there's no stopping it so best to just go with it- considering the alternative.

I made a huge reading mistake in 2011 what with the whole read 100 books challenge. At one point I got so focused on reading enough that I completely forgot to blog enough. I ended up reading 106 books last year and reviewing less than half that. Shame on me! Also, toward the end of the year I started viewing my blog as all business and posting ONLY book related stuff, omitting all the fun rambling nonsense that I had engaged in earlier in the year. Also, I seemed to have become far more of a lurker than I have previously been when what I really should have been doing is interacting openly with the blogs I read rather than just reading them.

So, that being said, there are a few things I'd like to accomplish with my blog in 2012:

  1. Review what I read, even if it means reading less.
  2. Get a little more personal. Not airing my dirty laundry personal but simply putting a little more "me" into my blog posts.
  3. Get my ass in gear, take a minute or two and click that comment button. I know just how much reader interaction with one of my reviews means to me and I can bet it means as much to you. I will do better.
  4. Be a little more selective in what I read/buy. I've read some really forgettable shit lately, and paid for it. I've given away almost as many books as I've purchased simply because they weren't worth keeping. I'm really going to try to cut back on reading and buying nonsense.
  5. Schedule more author interviews! I finally participated in ONE and I loved it, so let's do more of that.

Then there's the whole real life thing. Ya know, what we do when we're not reading and blogging. This looks to be a big year for me. For starters, I'm going back to school! Woot. And then, in June, Beloved and I are going to R-U-N-N-O-F-T and get hitched. So there will be lots of things to prattle on about.

So here's to a whole new year of blogging. I'm glad to have you here and I hope your first day of 2012 is a smashing success!

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