Dear Life After Jane,

     I have a confession. I admit that I have been avoiding you these last two months. At first the snubbing was unintentional, as I have been very busy and did quite truthfully lack the time. In all my rushing about I would fully intend to sit down and talk with you and told myself that I would do so just as soon as I had a moment. But when I did have a moment, I admit, I was just too tired for the long overdue visit. There were so many things that I wanted to tell you about that I didn't even know where to start, so I didn't. Over time the stack of books that I've read since we last talked started to seem less like topics of conversation and more like, well, work and it is admittedly the last thing I wanted more of. So yes, I am aware that my truancy has turned into neglect and in some ways, it has been deliberate.
     I take full responsibility for the deterioration of our relationship; you are not to blame. It was my intent at the start for us to merely sit down and informally chat about books and I've turned it into something so formal and formulaic that it has become taxing. You've never had any expectations of me; they have all been self imposed. I don't want our friendship to feel so forced and I think you wouldn't be opposed to approaching our conversations in a slightly less stuffy way. In short, I'd like for us to begin anew, not stand on ceremony, and conduct our book thought chats as we see fit, with a lot of feeling, crying and cussing. Can we, dear Jane?
I apologize profusely for any hurt that my selfishness may have caused you and it is my sincere hope that we can renew the friendship that I have so cherished these past two years.
     I also hope that my usage of the semicolon has been correct. But if it hasn't, fuck it.

As always, with affection,

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